leaflet distribution UK
We always try to make sure all of our distribution contracts are completed in full and with our clients more than happy when it has finished. However we also know that sometimes no matter how many levels of tracking and checks we do sometimes things can go wrong. That is why we offer all of our clients a full 60 day money back guarantee on all of our distribution contracts. We offer this if anything we do affects the distribution amount going out. In other words, we guarantee 100% of your leaflets will be delivered!
We have supervisors who will go out and check the work by knocking on the doors of the public in the area and asking them if they received your material, and most importantly if it was just one leaflet! That with the GPS tracking of all staff members is how we can guarantee our work. We will report all of our information to you, our client, once the distribution is completed.
If anything does go wrong and we find out about it we will inform you of the issue, and offer the refund. We have found by doing this when anything goes wrong we can maintain our trust that we have built up with our client and often keep the client as they understand although something did go wrong, we were the ones to admit it and put it right. If we do not find anything wrong but you feel there may be an issue with your distribution please contact your representative, we will investigate and issue the refund if it is found correct.