Leaflets Direct are a professional leaflet distribution company with over 25 years experience within our management team. We operate throughout the UK and only use the latest and most effective technology to guarantee our leaflet distribution campaigns. We use the latest in GPS tracking to ensure our staff stay on the straight and narrow. But GPS does not guarantee a distribution on its own, only that our our staff are following the route as planned. In order to guarantee our distributions we must physically go out and check on our staff, so that is exactly what we do! We have two levels of management, team leaders, who work with our distributors on a daily basis, checking them throughout the day to make sure the work is on course. We also have supervisors who will go out and check the work by knocking on the doors of the public in the area and asking them if they received your material, and most importantly if it was just one leaflet! That is how we can guarantee our work. We will report all of our information to you, our client, once the distribution is completed and offer a full 60 day money back guarantee for peace of mind.
Our staff are all adults, they are fully trained, work from maps, wear ID badges, have full uniforms and take pride in their work. Our team leaders and supervisors all started out as distributors, this gives our staff the knowledge that their hard work will be rewarded within our company, giving them more incentive to take pride in their work. It also means that our team leaders and supervisors know how the leaflet distribution works from the ground up.
 We take pride in our work for our clients and have worked with the some of the biggest names in UK business. We always try to impress and our clients and continuously work to improve our routes, the technology we use and our method of operating.
We welcome any small orders to test our service out before you place a big order, we know it is important to build up a good working relationship with our clients and prove our trustworthiness to you.