flyer handouts

Public Flyer Handouts

Our public flyer handout contracts are popular with many of our clients. With their cost effective prices yet high impact impression on your potentia customers they make the perfect promotional tool to get your name out there. This is best suited when you have a promotion going on, for example if your shop has a promotion, then our staff can promote this for you in and around your location. If your company is attending an event that is also a very popular reason to use this service.

As with all of our contracts our staff are tracked with GPS and fully supervised by our management team.

Many people have seen this kind of promotion, either on the streets, in busy shopping centres, events, shop opening events and any number of other places. People understandably presume that those promotional staff are employees of the company they are promoting. however, the chances are they were not, and may even have been our staff. That is because unlike our door to door staff, our promotional staff don’t have to wear our uniforms. They can wear any kind of clothing you would like them to, from suits to track suits and everything in between to suit your companies message. They can even wear your uniforms!

Our staff will also learn about your business so they can pass on good positive messages about your company to your customers at the same time as handing over a leaflet. That is why this form of advertising has become so popular!

Contact us today for a free quote. Our standard price is £89 per thousand with no VAT to add.