leaflet printing

Business to Business Leaflet Distribution

Our Business to Business leaflet distribution service is prefect for any company, like us, those clients include other companies. We will distribute your leaflet or flyers to every company in an area of your choice. This will include shops in busy shopping streets, shopping centres, industrial units, small offices and office centres.

As with all of our services our staff who undertake your work are fully tracked via GPS and fully supervised throughout their working day.

Our staff usually wear our own uniforms and ID badges. However if you wish our staff can wear something better suited to your companies image, or even your own uniforms to ensure a seamless promotion for your business.

You can also choose which businesses to target. We presume you would prefer for your marketing material not to be distributed to your direct competitors, so by default we will miss those businesses out. However if you wish you can include them. Likewise we can also exclude any business that you would to miss. For example if your service only caters to shops, then we can miss out industrial units and offices. Is your business not suitable for multinationals? We can miss those out too. It is completely down to you to decide who and how we target your customers.

You can also choose your distribution dates and your material will only ever be distributed solus (alone) giving your companies message maximum exposure.

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